Why Should You Consider Getting Hypnotherapy? 


Hypnotherapy liberates a person of the chains and locks that they might have put around themselves to protect themselves from the cruelty of the world. It sets them free of any fears and concerns and let them be raw.
Discussions and talks in a hypnotic state are genuine and honest, which helps a great deal in the effectiveness of the therapy they are going to. It makes the session smoother and easier for both the participants. 

The issues that hypnotherapy help in the resolution include: 

● Post-Trauma Anxiety● Post-traumatic Stress ● Self-doubt and Self-Destructive Behaviour● Phobias and Fears ● Depression and Stress

● Sleep disorders● Grief and loss● Overreacting● Quitting or Adopting Habits● Crisis Management

Benefits of Hypnotherapy:

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1. Troubleshoots Sleep Disorders 

Hypnotherapy is of great help to people who struggle with sleep disorders.
Method: Certain cues and stimuli are used which engage your mind and put you into a trance-like relaxing state. The hypnotic state is similar to the one you experience when you are deeply engaged in something like a movie or a conversation that you lose track of everything else. 

Hypnotherapy helps you reach a mental state in which you are free, relaxed and don’t have your guards on. This state is the ideal state you need to be in to have a sound sleep and to wake up fresh and energized. 

Not just that, if you over-sleep, hypnosis is for you as well. You can learn to train your mind to control your sleeping hours as well as to improve the quality of your sleep, i.e. sleeping less by sleeping better.
This procedure uses the same method but for different purposes.
Similarly, you can also use hypnotherapy to train your brain to be in control while you sleep to help with sleepwalking and snoring. In the end, it's all in mind.

You can learn hypnosis techniques and use them on yourself whenever you like to improve the quality of your life and mental wellness by being in control of your sleeping cycle. 

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2. Anxiety and Phobias

Hypnotherapy helps your brain to relax and come at ease and hence helps you with your anxiety and phobias.
Anxiety is the state of fear when you start losing control of your life.
Hypnosis frees you of your fears and lets your mind and body be at ease. It enables you to see beyond your fears. You see the things that you fear. But your mind and body remain calm at that moment as a result of hypnosis. In this way, you learn to grow out of your anxiety and deal with the problem with stability.

Same is the case with a phobia, a type of anxiety disorder in which you are intensely fearful of something that does not pose a significant threat. 

Under hypnotherapy, you come across your fears. Still, your body does not show any symptoms of being under threat, and you slowly learn to overcome the phobia.

Anxiety and phobias both can be stemming from a past life experience. Past Life Regression Therapy can also be helpful to make a person visit their past, extract out their memories and come to terms with them or to resolve issues if there are any.

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3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Symptoms  

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a condition of having an irritated gut. It includes diarrhoea, constipation and bloating etc.
Hypnosis is clinically proven to help people in overcoming their IBS and relaxing their mind and giving them more control over their body. 

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4. Chronic Pain 

Hypnosis is also clinically proven to help people with chronic pain.
Chronic pain is extreme and unbearable pain which can be because of many reasons such as a surgery, an accident, migraines and tension headaches.

Hypnotherapy calms people and enables them to take control of themselves. Once in control, they are in a better position to handle their pain.
Not just that, hypnotherapy also promises long term and lasting effects regarding pain management. 

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5. Quitting Habits 

Having bad habits is normal but realizing the threat they pose and being willing to quit them is important for a healthy and happy life.Hypnotherapy can help in quitting bad habits such as smoking.
How hypnotherapy can help is it lets you gain control over yourself. Once you are in control, you are more flexible to switch to a safer alternative with the help of your therapist. The therapist will help you to accept the change subconsciously.
The other way it works is that your therapist helps you to associate your bad habits with something disgusts you. In this way, you naturally get put off of those things.
In the case of smoking, it can be associated with an unpleasant odour and tobacco stains.

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6. Weight Loss 

Just the way it helps with quitting smoking, it can also help you to control your weight by making you inclined towards healthy eating and exercise.
The method is to get you relaxed and focused on your self and help you to reach an agreement with yourself to eat healthily and do exercise.

Once there is no retaliation from your body, you can easily stick to your diet and exercise plan and start to notice your desired results.
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