Employee Assistance Program


Employee Assistance Program targets to help the employees regarding work or personal issues that may affect their professional routines as well as personal life events. Some advantages offered by EAP are ethics, productivity, employees’ satisfaction, and efficiency, a lower rate of absenteeism and high rate of employees’ retention.

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Workshops for Self-awareness

On regular basis, organisation conduct counselling workshop to teach new skills & techniques to all of its participants. Mental health care professionals will provide tips & tricks to the participants in handling their emotional and mental health issues. The basic aim of all such workshops is to assist the employees so they can improve their lives.

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Individual Counselling Session

Our clinicians are dedicatedly working to build a strong therapeutic relationship with employees that help them to make precise interventions and assessments. Moreover, clinicians are highly experienced and working to bring out happiness in an employee’s life. Our individual counselling session is conducted to assist the clients to identify their inner problems and solve them with positive behaviour. If the issue is regarding your marital life and organisation allows your partner to attend the session, we highly welcome to conduct marital counselling or therapy sessions for our staff members.If you are interested to attend any session, it is necessary to make an appointment. Our EAP offers special discounts to employees of a certain organisation. So regularly check out our website for lower rates.

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Retainer Counselling Services

For our corporate clients, we offer them a free mental health treatment and consultation once a week. If our employee ever passing through a stress, anxiety or mental health issue, the organisation will provide a convenient counselling room and professional health counsellor on-site for right hours that will help the retainer to cope with the issue. EAP also allow its employees to request anytime for the on-site session but during office timing.

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Counselling Hotline

If our employee is suffering from the real-time crisis that is critical and needs urgent counselling, organisation offer them hotline counselling. In this counselling, the clinician helps the worker via phone call consultation tips. When the issue is de-escalated, the employee is provided with a regular counselling session. Organisation closely examined such staff member to check if they need further assistance or support.

Corporate Talk & Community Outreach


With our countless efforts to eliminate the mental health problem and to encourage our employees to look forward to a professional assistance platform, we have introduced a series of workshop, lunch talks and seminar. The main purpose behind all such community outreach is to allow everyone for self-awareness.

Our Corporate Series

● Effective help to combat Insomnia● Effective steps to deal with Stress & Burnout● Effective guide to cope with Insomnia● Effective methods to handle Workplace Harassment

Public Seminar Series

● Coping with Mental Health Problems● Dealing with Insomnia● Coping with Anxiety & Depression● Reducing Stress ● Strengthening your personality● Handling Grief & Burnout● Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 

Career Consultation Series

● Self-awareness & Me!● Psychology as a Career option● Impostor Syndrome- lack of self-sufficiency